Weather in September

London: Temperatures from 55° to 67° Fahrenheit, with an average 7 days of rain. 

Bristol: Temperatures from 53° to 65° Fahrenheit.


Fitness Level & Physical Demands

Travel in the Old World often includes more time on your feet than we’re used to in America.  Ancient walkways and streets make up much of England’s charm, but can be uneven and bumpy, with little to no vehicle access.  Please be prepared to:  

  • Carry or roll your own luggage for up to 15 minutes over uneven pavement from the tour van to the hotel.  In addition to this, you may be required to carry your own luggage up as many as three flights of stairs to reach your room.  
  • Be comfortable on your feet for two-hour walking tours, climbing stairs, plus standing and walking for up to four hours while visiting historic sights and museums.  This is applicable for both indoor and outdoor activities.
  • After orientation and transportation lessons, be able to navigate towns and cities on your own during free time. 


Bathrooms Abroad

Even in nice hotels, the bathrooms can be small by American standards.  Please remember, many of the buildings are hundreds of years old, and weren’t originally designed with spacious private bathrooms in mind.  Showers may be tight, and counterspace limited. It’s all part of the adventures of traveling abroad! 



Eat Adventures has taken all reasonable precautions to ensure a comfortable tour for our guests, and provide accommodation with as many American-style amenities as possible.  Luxuries such as air conditioning, elevators, and spacious bathrooms are often not available in hotels that are located in properties that are older or historic buildings. Please be prepared to sleep with no (or inadequate) air conditioning and street noise in some hotels.


Double occupancy rooms may request 1 or 2 beds, but please note we cannot guarantee separate beds for each hotel.  For rooms with one bed, the beds will always be queen-sized or larger (this includes beds for single supplement guests).  All accommodations will be finalized after March 15, 2020, and any specific questions will be answered after that time.


Meals & Alcohol

Most meals are included during the tour, including all breakfasts, and at least one lunch or dinner per day (with beverage pairings).  We will also be including food/alcohol during many of our group activities.  


Smoking & Vaping

No smoking or vaping is allowed in the tour van, hotel, where other tour members are present, or where is strictly prohibited by the United Kingdom Health Act.  Guests are asked to refrain from smoking/vaping at all times during the tour. 


For additional information please review our Terms & Conditions here.

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