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"Best Of Portland"
Food Tour

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  • All-in-one food and city tour throughout Portland
  • $99 per guest, all inclusive
  • Thurs, Sat, Sun 3:30pm
  • Tour location starts at SouthPark Seafood Restaurant, at 901 SW Salmon St, Portland, OR 97205
  • Approximately 3.5 - 4 hours

Experience all the culinary treasures that make this city a foodie destination on this “Best of Portland” food tour. From hip restaurants to craft breweries, and food carts to urban wineries, this tour gives you a taste of everything PDX has to offer. Along the way our expert local guides will provide an entertaining insider’s view into the culture, history, bridges, and neighborhoods that define Portland, tying tastes and sights together in one delicious package!

- Highlights -
  • Enjoy delicious food & beverage stops that highlight the best of what Portland has to offer
  • Learn about Portland’s history as we drive through the quadrants and their neighborhoods
  • Meet the chefs who play such a key role in making Portland the foodie city it’s become
  • Follow along and keep track of the places we visit with the handy Eat Adventures Portland Neighborhoods guide

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TIP: Take this tour at the beginning of your trip to Portland so you can get a feel of the city and find local haunts to come back to during your stay!

NOTE: This tour is available for guests ages 21 and over.

Why Choose Eat Adventures Food Tours “Best of Portland” Tour? One of the best ways to get to know a city is by the food, and with Portland there’s a lot to explore. Home to more than 50 craft breweries, 700 food carts, a growing number of urban wineries, and countless restaurants, narrowing down the options when you’re short on time can be daunting. By joining our Best of Portland food tour, all you have to do is jump in our Eat Van and enjoy the ride as we guide you off the beaten tourist track to the local neighborhood haunts. Our tour van ensures a smaller group size, and more personalized tour experience - making it a fun and tasty way to check out this great city!

We CAN provide substitutions for those who do not drink alcohol on our tours.  We CANNOT make substitutions for any other dietary restrictions.  If you have food allergies or intolerances, and decide to try tastings that have not been specially prepared for you, please be aware that you do so at your own risk and Eat Adventures assumes no responsibility.

If you are gluten-free, we recommend our Portland Food Carts & Neighborhoods Tour.  

If you are dairy-free, we recommend our Portland Food Carts & Neighborhoods Tour, and our Portland Breweries and Food Carts Tour.  

If you are vegetarian, we recommend our Portland Food Carts & Neighborhoods Tour, Portland Breweries and Food Carts Tour, and our Alberta Arts District Food Tour.

Substitutions must be requested in advance with your ticket purchase.  All tastings have been prepared in advance at each location, based on the information you provide to us at the time of ticket purchase.  Last-minute dietary changes on the tour will not be accommodated.  This is a carefully choreographed foodie experience, and we strive to be respectful to our restaurants and other guests on the tour.  

We are sorry for the inconvenience.  Our food tours have been carefully designed to highlight Portland’s culinary scene.  We work closely with the restaurants, and have streamlined our schedules to ensure each guest has a consistently high quality experience. 

There isn’t always a comparable substitution.  Because the quality of our tours is important to us, we strive to ensure each guest gets the tastiest bites from acclaimed restaurants.  Since we have your health and expectations in mind, we truly appreciate your understanding on this issue.   

If you have any SERIOUS FOOD ALLERGIES (shellfish, nut, etc.) please contact us before purchasing tickets for any of our food tours.  Chances are we have a tour that will fit your dietary needs.

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To find more answers to our frequently asked questions please visit our FAQ's page HERE.