Downtown Brunch Walk

Start your day with delicious tastes from Portland locals’ favorite spots.    Discover the the beginnings of Portland’s food scene and why we’re on the world’s radar for food trends.    On this morning walking food tour we visit some hole-in-the-wall shops and restaurants which have left their mark on the city.    Let a local guide take you to breakfast, elevensies, lunch and dessert!

Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy food and beverages from Portland local’s favorite downtown spots (5-6 stops)
  • Follow along and keep track of the places we visit with the handy Eat Adventures Downtown Portland Foodie Guide & Map
  • Learn about Portland’s Pearl District history, and how the West End has become Portland’s food mecca.
  • Discover downtown Portland treasures and notable landmarks, and find out what makes our city unique
  • Portland has ledgendary brunch, experience it with us.
Downtown Walking Food Tour
Breakfast portland
nongs portland oregon
coffe in portland oregon
Powells Book Store
Lardo resturant portland
Pizza in portland

walking info imageWALKING TIP

We’ll be walking approximately 1.5 miles on this tour, so be sure to wear comfy walking shoes while on one of our Portland walking tours!

Why Choose Eat Adventures Downtown Brunch Walk?

Downtown Portland is teeming with food and beverage, and is home to some of our city’s favorite restaurants. With so much food culture residing in this one area, we’re treated to the likes of beloved classics, contemporary newcomers, the largest food cart pod in Portland, and celebrity chefs - all alongside the city’s historic roots and notable sites. All this combined with the general walk-ability of downtown (we have the some of the smallest city blocks in America!), and you’ve got yourself the perfect balance of food and culture wrapped up in one tour! Come explore one of our Portland walking tours today!