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Driving & walking food tours through Portland Oregon

Portland Food Tours

Driving & Walking Food Tours through Portland Oregon

Portland Guides Angie Johnson

Angie Johnson


My “ah-ha” moment came during a spontaneous trip to Vancouver B.C., when I realized the nine-five just wasn’t going to cut it for my wanderlust nature. Three years later, and over 30 countries under my belt I’m still seeking new adventures, many of which curiously revolve around lunch. Since it seems this food-centric travel thing is in my blood for good, guiding fellow foodie adventurers through my fabulous Pacific Northwest backyard seems a perfect fit!

The best thing I ever ate: One of the things I love most about being a food tour guide in Portland is that I get to show-off some of my favorite spots. Having said this, it's extremely hard to nail-down one place that's better than the rest, in part because chef's are continuously changing their menus depending on what's in season, but also because I'm always trying out new places under the guise of "research". But, if you're going to make me choose just one meal that haunts my dreams, I once had this ricotta gnocchi dish with fried zucchini flowers and finished with a light honey drizzle that made me want to lick the bowl clean.

Portland Guides Allen Jones

Allen Jones


Even from an early age I have been obsessed with food, but it wasn’t until my epic round the world trip that I began to see how large a role it played in my daily life. I watched as the motivation for my travels slowly morphed from hitting major landmarks and sightseeing, to seeking out and sampling the very best food the various cultures and countries had to offer. This philosophy still holds true, and I often find my free time spent exploring the corners of Portland, checking out the endless restaurants and food carts this foodie city has to offer.

Portland Guides Harold


Eat Mobile

I became an official member of the Eat Adventures Portland Food Tours team in 2012, and have been happily chauffeuring foodies throughout Oregon ever since. From jaunts through the city on our food carts, urban winery, or Best of Portland tours - to longer journeys to the Oregon Coast, Mt.Hood / Columbia River Gorge, and Willamette Valley wine country - I’m here for all your transportation needs. Just sit back, enjoy the tasty treats and beautiful scenery (maybe even indulge in an innocent nap between wineries) and leave the hard part to me!

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